About us

Saxonmount was established in 1981 and has gone through many service improvements and expansions in the past three decades.

Initially involved in the sales of garage tools and equipment, the company evolved to wholesale as well as retail of the above mentioned goods. The early 2009 expansion included electronics such as computers and software for automobile industry and 2010 saw introduction of office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, servers, etc.

Always striving for innovation and customer satisfaction, purchase of used tools, refurbishment and sales of them were introduced in 2012 providing a cheaper market in these years of austerity. To further help customers the company introduced a tools exchange scheme that allowed individuals to swap their tools with other tools of the same value.

Saxonmount is a wholesaler and retailer of tools that are appropriate for any budget and industry, whether a tools retailer, mechanic or a DIY enthusiast.